Long Term Rail Strategy

Our Long Term Rail Strategy sets out how rail can support the growth of the North of England’s economy over the next twenty years by improving connectivity for passengers and freight across the North, while at the same time providing a better customer experience and delivering a more efficient railway.

Delivering the Strategy creates an opportunity to increase the North’s economy, and sets out how rail’s contribution to the North’s social progress can be grown and enhanced.

Supporting the North’s economy

Rail is an important elements in the economic prosperity of the north of England.

Rail in the North today

Investment by Local Transport Authorities has supported a rail renaissance with annual growth rates outstripping that in London & the South East. But rail in the North is still not realising its full potential.

Achieving the Vision

Sustainable economic growth will be supported by improving connectivity within the North and from it to other parts of the country.

Key themes of our Strategy

Connectivity - Coherence - Capacity - Cost-effectiveness

Delivering the Strategy

By improving services between the key towns and cities in the North our Strategy will make a significant contribution to economic growth.

What difference would our Strategy make?

A more effective network could double rail use across the North and carry more freight, which means rail could better support economic growth.